Thursday, September 3, 2015


Martin County Sheriff William Snyder wants President Barack Obama to end his "deafening silence" regarding deadly shootings against law enforcement officers and says he doesn't hear a "clarion call for peace" while he defends local deputies accused of police brutality.

31 Year Old Jamell Adamson was pulled over for running a red light mere days before Snyder felt the need to issue his criticism of President Obama to local media, and the situation quickly escalated. Adamson was hit with a taser, and Snyder claims Adamson fell and hit his face on a concrete curb, causing substantial facial trauma. The Sheriff says "evidence" supports the deputies version of the events, and Snyder insists there is "absolutely no evidence Adamson was abused in anyway by our deputy", although eye witnesses dispute that claim. Adamsons’ friends and family are scared to speak "on the record", but they want an investigation into the matter. 

Snyder has complained about the president's announcement the government will no longer supply high caliber weapons, camouflage gear, or armored cars to local police. He claims The Federal Government " should not "lecture" local law enforcement, but it should continue to provide local police with military weapons according to the 1033 surplus program. Snyder has been quoted saying the equipment he's received through the program isn't meant to "intimidate". "I would hate to lose my MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle)", he says. "Scapegoating [local police] and trying to hold us responsible for some of the problems that we've had in some fragile neighborhoods is completely misguided", Snyder insists. Snyder is calling on elected leaders nationwide to "do more" to support law enforcement officers in local communities. Snyder has assured his deputies he "has their back" and doesn't want them to second guess themselves.

Local residents of Martin County claim there have been many violations by the Martin County Sheriffs Department over seen by Sheriff William Snyder, and Sheriff Snyder has gone to great lenghts to cover up those incidents. Snyder's critics argue Police Brutality which harms local citizens should not be "covered up" by expensive legal firms at the taxpayers expense. In the meantime, Snyder's latest criticism of President Obama is ironic to say the least, since his leadership is coming under increased scrutiny at a time when The Epidemic of Police Brutality in America is becoming a major issue.

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