Friday, July 15, 2016

America Wasn't Ready For A Black President

As President Obama winds down his tenure in The White House, it has become painfully clear many Americans haven't been able to deal with the fact The USA has a black president.

From the moment he was sworn into office, President Obama has endured insults and obstruction from Republicans in Congress unprecedented in American History.

Republicans have denied Obama is an American citizen, accused him of being a member of The Weather Underground [a clandestine radical organization founded in the late 1960s to overthrow of the U.S. government] when he was 8 years old, voted in Congress to repeal the president's signature healthcare reform law, which they dubbed "Obamacare" every year since it was passed, accused him of being a crypto- Muslim "terrorist", had Republican State Governors jab their fingers in his face, called him a "liar" during a speech to Congress on live national television, refused to attend his speeches, announced their top priority was making sure he wouldn't be re-elected, and overall obstructed everything the president tried to do, even when there was bipartisan agreement on the what needed to be done. Obama was the target of the most disrespectful racial slurs from critics, and although gun violence was a problem before Obama took office, young unarmed black males have been increasingly shot and killed by police, and racial tensions have increased to a level not seen since the "civil rights" era of The 1960s.

The disrespect leveled against President Obama goes way beyond partisan politics. Many Americans hoped his presidency would be a time of reconciliation, but instead it led to a new explosion of ugly racism. Meanwhile, Republicans have employed an infantile "rubber-glue" response in which they actually accuse President Obama of being the "racist". It is indeed impossible to mention every example of disrespectful behavior Republicans [& Libertarians] have shown towards President Obama is this short article, but it is proof enough that after all the social progress which has been made in the decades since World War II too many Americans simply couldn't accept the fact that the president is a "negro".

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