Monday, November 5, 2012

Republican Political Operatives & Saboteurs Caught Money Laundering & Attempting to Surpress The Vote in 2012 Election

In what will undoubtedly be the most dispicable political campaign in US History, Corporate Republican Political Operatives and Saboteurs have been caught numerous times in attempts to suppress the right to vote in America, as well as violating US campaign finance laws.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) uncovered "campaign money laundering" committed by an Arizona organization fronting for "Americans for Responsible Leadership", a  Virginia based 501(c)(6) Group described as a pro-Republican, pro-business organization in league with The Center to Protect Patient Rights. This has been combined with machinations by Republican Governors and Legislatures in various states to disenfranchise voters. 

Highly concentrated Republican money, both legal and illegal, has been deployed in the desperate attempt to deny the re- election of President Obama , and reimplement to conservative Republican agenda nationwide. It is a complete disgrace to see the lengths America's Billionaires & Millionaires will go to in order to keep their unjustified Bush Era Tax Cuts. 

The Whole Republicans Campaign has been based on a web of disinformation and outright lies to deceive the majority of The American electorate into voting for a destructive extremist "Tea" Party Republican Agenda. It remains to be seen how decisive "Big Money" will be in The 2012 Election. Two Conservative "Super PACs", Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS, and The Koch Bros. "Americans For Prosperity" have poured almost a Billion Dollars into the attempt to influence The 2012 Election in favor of Republicans. The role anonymous donors have played in the 2012 political campaign has been a complete outrage. At a time when so many Americans are struggling with a rotten economy, the 2012 Election is the most expensive in history. There can be no better illustration with what is wrong with America today. Huge Billionaire Campaign Donors spend Billions to influence the election while attempting to conceal the identities. There can be no doubt The 2012 Election will be a referendum on the gullibility of the majority of Americans.   

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