Monday, August 27, 2012

Romney cries, "Obama campaign is vicious"

While on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate "Mitt" Romney complained President Obama's Re- Election Campaign has waged a "vicious" attack of "personal vilification" against him.

How daft is this man ? Is he really as stupid as he seems to be ? Or is he (more than likely) just pretending to be as ignorant as The "Tea" Party Republicans he is seeking votes from. Mere days after Romney joined the "birther" movement, now he has the "chutzpah" to complain about personal attacks being waged against him! Of course, Romney has taken the request to see his tax returns as a "personal' insult. Mitt's father, three-time Michigan Governor George Romney, who sought, but failed to win The Republican presidential nomination himself more than four decades ago, established the precedent of presidential candidates making their tax information public for voters to review, something his spoiled elitist son is now not willing to do.

  Romney expresses frustration about a campaign which raises questions about his business practices, his tax returns, and the fact he is "out of touch" with the majority of Americans. When Romney complains about a campaign being "dishonest" and "misguided", he needs to take a good look at what has been coming out of the mouths of Republicans since the moment Obama was sworn into office.

Whether one thinks President Obama has done a good job or not, who can deny The President has suffered the most despictable and unfounded personal attacks since ... Bill Clinton.

You know what they say "Mitt". If you can't stand "The Heat", perhaps you shouldn't be in the race. And what's good for the goose, should be good enough for you also. That is one of the biggest issues of the election; how Romney is The Epitome of The 1% and everything which is destroying America.

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