Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tea Party deception

It is so hard to believe so many Americans are being bought off by Republican "Tea" party duplicity. Those who are politically unsophisticated believe The Democratic party cause the financial collapse, and are ready to hand over the reigns of government to the same greedy corporatists who have caused so many so much hardship over the past several years.

Very few have taken the time to notice the "grassroots" movement which suddenly emerged right after President Obama was sworn into office is financed by the banks and corporations who were bailed out and are now doing all they can to foreclose on homes and ruin the US labor market.

The notion of a nation coming together in the face of crisis has now proven to be a joke, as Americans are turning on one another while The United States spirals deeper into the abyss. How can anyone fail to see the "Tea" party activists are bankrolled by the entrentched interests that are ruining America ?

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