Monday, November 1, 2010

Democracy is the only way to promote smart growth in Florida.

What the upcoming Mid -term elections are really all about may be epitomized by The State of Florida's Proposition 4 Ballot initiative.
The Question is whether to allow voters to approve changes on how a piece of land in a locality is used.

If approved, Amendment 4 would require counties and cities put to a popular vote only amendments to local government’s so-called comprehensive plans. Voters would get to decide whether to approve large-scale developments or land-use changes.
The Battle is brewing between environmentalists and developers on Proposition 4.
In Florida there are already vacant Mall spaces, empty or unused condos, and numerous houses already being foreclosed on, yet The Banks and Big Business still want more development. Many residents of The State are concerned about sprawl and envoronmental damage, as well as hurting Florida's number one "industry" which is tourism.Florida is coming off a spree of massive overbuilding which made the state the nation’s prime example of overdevelopment and the worst state for foreclosures, with Flagler County and Palm Coast at or near the top of the state’s economic "crash" list.There are over 300,000 homes in Florida sitting empty already.

A "YES" vote is one to extend Democracy & empower individual voters. It will save the environment and provide stability for housing prices. A "NO" vote surrenders the community's will to Banks & Corporations who are able to exert undue influence on local commissioners. As with the national election, the issues surrounding Amendment 4 have been prone to misinformation and exaggeration. Big Business and multinational corporations have spent a fortune on fearmongering advertisements designed to scare voters into voting against the democratic amendment,but it is time the voice of the people, not corporations, to be heard in Florida, and around The United States of America.

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