Friday, October 1, 2010


As The Nation prepares to vote in the upcoming Mid Term Elections there are some factors to keep in mind. The Republicans who insist "Government doesn't work" are the same people who are responsible for an unresponsive government which "doesn't work". The disastrous Republican policies which deregulated the Oil Industry caused petroleum prices to skyrocket during The Bush/Cheney Administration.

The "Deregulation" of The Financial Sector caused an economic collapse the nation is still struggling to recover from. The Bush Tax -cuts for wealthy millionaires most able to pay have plunged the US in to record debt. Yet these same Republicans have been resisting all corrections and want to return the country to the very same flawed policies which have caused numerous problems and forced a majority of Americans into destitution. Can any sane person who hasn't profited from the misery of others even consider voting these greedy opportunists back in to office with out giving the new administration a chance to put their policies into effect ?

Both Reagan and George W. Bush increased the size of the United States Armed Forces while cutting taxes. These very same people pontificate about how "government" should be run "like a business". What business expands without having the revenues to pay for it ? Only those which borrow the money, and that is exactly what both these presidents did; both causing record deficits in the process.

Americans have been reduced to a state of servitude to major banks and international corporations. Income inequality in The United States has reached record levels. How can these Republicans claim to be "for the 'little' guy"?

So unless one is a millionaire at the very apex of the tax bracket, there is no way any rational voter should consider voting for a Republican this upcoming November. Bush & The Republicans argued a tax cut would stimulate the economy and create jobs. Did it ? Under Republican leadership the real GDP grew at an average annual rate of 2.5%, which is considerably below the average for the business cycles from 1949 up to 2000, when Bush was first elected. Unemployment increased throughout the two terms of The Bush II Administration. As a result of misguided Republican policies, The United States entered the longest recession of economic activity since The Great Depression. It is going to take more than two years to fix the mess Bush and The Republicans created for The Nation. Do not lose sight of The Fact Republicans caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Voters can't afford to backslide into the policies of greed which have cost America so much already.

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