Friday, January 29, 2010

Bob McDonnell’s GOP Response to the State of the Union

Two weeks into his tenure as Governor of Virginia
and Bob McDonnell has already been tapped by The National Republican party
to criticize President Obama in the aftermath of the president's
1st State of The Union Address.

McDonnell claims it was The Democratic Party
who drove America into "unsustainable debt"
coveniently omitting The Fact it was George W. Bush
who squandered a surplus of funds he inherited from
a Democratic administration and replaced it with
a trillion dollar deficit. It was Republicans,
not The Democratic party,
who trashed the U.S. economy.

He claims The Federal Government is "trying to do too much"
which wasn't the case when Bush was president,
according to McDonnell. Virginians can rest assured
McDonnell won't try to do too much for them.

As a matter of fact, like so many Republican apologists,
McDonnell is in denial. He is still pushing the same
failed policies of The Bush/Cheney Administration.

"Backwards" Bob professes to feel the pain of struggling Virginians,
but in truth he is nothing but a ruthless defender of The Status Quo.
He is a puppet for The Oil corporations and the major focus of his agenda
is to allow "drilling" for oil off the Virginia coast.
McDonnell can be trusted by Republicans to push the "privatization"
of The Commonwealth. Virginians needed to remember the fiscal mess
created by the state's last Republican governor before McDonnell was elected,
but residents of The Old Dominion are stuck with him now.

Indeed, Virginians need to apply the same standards to The New Governor
which have been applied to the president, and if all Virginia's problems
haven't been solved by the end of the month, Virginia Democrats need to immediately
call for his impeachment and spend the remainder of his term indulging in ad hominem attacks and unite to oppose every measure of his ultra -conservative agenda.


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