Saturday, May 17, 2014

Republicans Get Desperate as Mid-Term Election Approaches

Conservative Republicans desperate to regulate the private lives of Americans while pushing for more "deregulation" of business corporations are losing ground as more registered voters are wising up to the fallacies of their claims.

After 5 Years of single-minded determination to oppose and obstruct The Affordable Healthcare Act, which Republicans insist on defining as "Obamacare", it seems many Republican politicians are willing to finally abandon their signature issue as the testimony of many Americans proves the majority approves of Health Care reform. So far, the best "issue" Republicans have come up with to run on is "Benghazi", along with the usual social issues traditional to The Republican cause.

Republicans are desperate to find an issue to define their mid-term campaign and inspire their voting base. In the coming months, Republicans will attempt to make one issue after another their recipe for success. Many Republican "insiders" are lamenting the creation of The "Tea" Party, as the useful idiots of 2010 are proving to be an embarrassment and a political albatross for corporate donations. The immediate objective for Republicans is to gain the necessary seats to take over the majority in The U.S. Senate, which would effectively shut down The Obama Presidency.

 The Republicans are working to construct an increasingly toxic political reality to counter The Democratic agenda. Their strategy seems to be to maintain their usual mixture of incongruous elements. The Republican strategy for success is to do all they can to maximize the suffering of struggling Americans, and blame it on President Obama and The Democrats. Republicans seek to continue to portray The Federal Government as incompetent in the hope all its functions will be handed over to "private" corporations and its public property will be surrendered to Oil Corporations for "drilling". Americans deserve leaders more concerned about their duty to the people than corporate machinations. In The End, Republicans will continue with The Reaganesque theme "Government is the problem". Will Americans continue to believe it ?

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