Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AMERICA's Ongoing Economic Predicament

Politicians in Washington DC spent the majority of the year arguing over how to reduce The National Debt, and although a new Debt Ceiling Bill was signed into law, massive debt is a symptom, not the cause, of the economic collapse in The United States of America and The Great Recession.

The Cause of the retarded economy in America is the vast accumulation of income by the wealthiest Americans which was siponed off from everyone else. The Rich in America defend their disproportionate affluence with Social Darwinism, and use The "Tea" Party to convince "Christian" conservatives and the less educated in America their plight is all part of God's will. Meanwhile, nothing is being done to correct the inequities and insecurity caused by Republican fiscal policies which caused The Great Recession to begin with.

Those whom were "Bailed Out" were quick to declare the recession over, and they have used the funds from The Bail Out they recieved from American taxpayers to lobby against any "change" to the current status quo. Meanwhile, it has become clear to any sane American The Bush Tax Cuts for wealthy Americans who don't need them have to be repealed. The Rich use the increased income from "tax cuts" to speculate, not to create jobs, no matter what Libertarian and Republican propagandists say. Republicans seek to gain elected "Government" offices by bashing government and invoking a dubious morality.

What the current intellegentsia in America just doesn't seem to "get" is, the overwhelming majority of consumers in The United States is made up of wage earners, and they can't afford to buy anything - except on "credit" - and that,of course, is where "debt" creeps into the picture. Americans can no longer afford to be duped by FOX News, "Tea" Party Republican sophists in the employ of Koch Industries, or "Judeo" Christan evangelicals funded by plutocrats from the Oil Corporations. All one has to do is crack open an American History book to see the "solutions" being offered by Republicans to the mess they created in the first place failed to work during The Great Depression, and they won't work now in the 21st century. "Rugged" individualists inspired by Ayn Rand novels are only making the economic depression worse, and as a result, The United States of America is being consumed by GREED which is leading to the nation's collective ruin.

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