Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Obama needs to embrace The "Occupy Wall Street" Movement

There are 2 Basic reasons why President Obama should embrace The Occupy Wall Street Movement. First, "Occupy Wall Street" isn't a fraud being perpetuated on the American public by Billionaires and slick career Republican party "insiders" like the bogus "grassroots" Tea Party. The Anti Wall Street protesters are legit. And just as George W. Bush's defining moment was when he went down to Ground Zero in New York City, so too should President Obama, who's presidency is being defined by economic unrest, show support for The American People by endorsing what's happening in New York City Now. Bush's War is taking place in The Graveyard of The Empires. Obama's war is being waged from within by The Financial Interests against The American People.

The Second Reason is, unlike during The Clinton Era, or during The Reagan Administration, or even during the last days of Jimmy Carter, there is no "middle" ground left in American politics. As Bush himself stated, "You're either with us, or against us", and Obama's approach of compromising with Republican extremists clearly hasn't been "working", at least for The American People. Instead, President Obama fell into the trap set for him by Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, and all the other Republican pundits who expressed their Hope that the president would "Fail".

It should be obvious by now, especially after the result of the mid term elections, The Democratic Party needs a counter-point to The Koch Bros. "Tea" Party, and this is it. It is Obama's chance to prove to an increasingly sceptical public he is indeed on their side. It could actually make or break his chance for re- election. It is Time for The President to Seize The Day and Stand With The American People against The Greedy Corporations.

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  1. Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer has already embraced The Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan and other urban centers. Roemer served four terms as a Democratic congressman from Louisiana, before switching to the GOP during his single term as the state’s governor.