Monday, September 26, 2011

What Is The Republican Agenda ?

For more than 30 years, the crux of The Republican Agenda has been to reduce taxes. The measures Republicans demand have proven to be destructive to the nation, yet conservatives unceasingly continue to insist cutting taxes for rich Americans and major corporations, more deregulation of the "private" sector, and cutting government spending ( Federal only it seems ) will stimulate The American Economy, but the inverse has proven to be the case.

One doesn't need a Masters' Degree in Economics to conclude Republican theories simply haven't worked in practice. Where are all the jobs ? If more Americans were employed, Federal revenues would increase, and the need to increase taxes might be averted. So why do Republicans, many of whom were elected in 2010 with the pledge to put America "back to work" oppose any proposed jobs bill, while submitting none of their own ? One answer may lay in their admitted goal of "starving" government. Another might be found in the stealth language Republicans use to confuse voters. "Job - killing" translates into "reducing profits" for corporations. One doesn't need a degree in business to figure out corporations won't hire any new employees unless they are compelled to do so. Why hire any new workers when you can just brow - beat the existing ones ( increasingly part-time workers who are uninsured) to work twice, or three times, as hard, for the same amount of pay, while CEOs pocket the increase in profits, or locate your "business" in a foreign country where you can employ natives much more cheaply ?

Aside from the already existing "subsidies" and tax -breaks for corporations, "welfare" itself can be viewed as a "government" program which in truth puts more money into the pockets of American businesses and land lords.
"Conservatives" know this, but demonizing the "poor" translates into Middle Class votes for The Republican Party. What the over burdened Middle Class doesn't seem to realize is, the only way to reduce their own tax burden is to require more from those with more ability to pay. Republicans are only concerned with increasing corporate profits and shielding affluent Americans from unpleasant realities. How "patriotic" is that ?

Politicians prefer spending "cuts" to social programs for the "poor" because the poor can't contribute to political campaigns, and most of them don't vote, so they are an easy target. Placing the blame for a decline in the U.S. economy on poor people is politically expedient - but is it good for America ? And is it The Truth ?

The Time has come to call for a greater contribution from those who live in the fullness of America's blessing, rather than continuing to attempt to extract more funds from those Americans struggling through The Great Recession.

In The End, increasing The Tax Burden on The Rich, who currently pay the lowest rate they have since before The Great Depression, may be the only way to save what is left of the once great Middle Class in The United States of America.

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