Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is The Tea Party Simply The John Birch Society All Over Again?

The rising "populist" movement among Republicans claiming to be "independent" of political party affiliations calling itself the "Tea" Party has a eerie familiarity to it. Is there any real difference between the bogus astroturf Republican front group calling itself the "tea" party and The John Birch Society in America during the '60's & '70's ?

Similar to the Tea Party movement, The John Birch Society was an American radical right-wing political advocacy group which "pioneered" grassroots lobbying, combining educational meetings, petition drives and letter-writing campaigns, and whose major preoccupation was the internal "Communist" conspiracy in The United States.

Like the "Tea" party, funding for The John Birch Society came mostly from well connected establishment figures like Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, whose sons are currently paying for "Tea" party political ads and events throughout The United States. The sensationalism of the charges against political rivals and the abusive tactics of intimidation and misrepresentation of facts employed by the "Tea" party resemble those of The John Birch Society as well. Thanks to the "Tea" Party Republicans, the right-wing upsurge in American politics has taken an ugly, even Fascist turn, much like they did in the 1960's at the time President Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. & Robert Kennedy were assassinated. After the election of Ronald Reagan as president of The United States of America & the "Reagan Revolution" Conservative Republicans were pacified by the destruction of The Democratic party for a generation and the complete take over of America by corporate conservatives, and the society's membership and influence declined after 1985.

But after George W. Bush completely destroyed The United States, and Barack Obama was elected president, "birchers" re -emerged as "birthers" with a staggering speed which can not be attributed to "grassroots" activity alone. The Tea Party was born and began to fuel the toxic political climate by confusing simple minded people by presenting facts out of context or in misleading ways (with the help of FOX News) distorting history and The Constitution for political purposes, and with the aid of the "Religious" Right, religious charlatans began teaching their congregations Jesus and The Bible are opposed to "progressive" taxation, and liberal "attacks" on the Tea Party were just like attacks on Jesus, and "Democrats" are evil and anti-God.

As a result, many well intentioned Americans are being duped by fast-talking, self-promoting, Republican Party activists into to being the dupes and minions for the corporate agenda. The "Tea" party carries on a sick tradition of Republican politics which fuel fear and tension in America, which includes McCarthyism, and other conspiratorial groups who seek to confuse working Americans while international corporations enthrall them deeper into slavery.

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