Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Private Sector IS Doing Fine

The President is said to have committed a political "gaffe" when he made the statement, "The Private Sector is is doing fine". Since then, Mitt Romney & The Republicans have been going hysterical trying to twist the president's words to imply he is "out of touch" with average Americans. The Truth Is, their latest tactic only prove how "out of touch" conservative "think tanks" and Republican political strategists are. What is incorrect about that statement ? After receiving their "Bailout" courtesy of George W. Bush & The Republicans, "Private" Sector Banks, Insurance Companies, & OIL Corporations, are making record profits. Any CEOs taken a pay cut lately ? So what is the problem anyway ? In a word, The Problem is unemployment. The "Private" Sector is doing just fine, so there is no reason to 'cut' corporate taxes or Capital Gains taxes on rich people's investments. As a matter of fact, it's time the "job Creators" stopped crying and started doing their job, creating "Jobs". It is The Middle Class & Working Poor in America who are not "doing fine". So What's The Problem ? In A Word, the problem is "Greed". Obama should have clarified, not backpeddled away, from his statement. Everyone but the most obtuse Republican knows what he meant. And if anyone is to blame, it is the obstructionist Republicans, who have sabotaged every effort to revive The American Economy. The Fact Is, certain people are doing quite well now thank you, and they like the status quo the way it is. That is why they continue to lobby for the same "trickle down" economics, and unfair distribution of the tax burden, which has caused the financial crisis to begin with. The Problem is simple. Too many Americans simply have no discretionary spending money. Judging by The Home Floreclosure Crisis, they can't even afford to pay the "interest" on their overpriced homes. Why ? Because The "Private" Sector refuses to pay workers a "living" wage. That is the real reason why more Americans than ever before are on "Food Stamps". In the end, it is just one more form of "Corporate Welfare", or another way to "subsidize" The Private Sector. Remember, when one speaks of a "private" sector, one is referring to business corporations, not individuals. So who is really out of touch with the majority of Americans ? It is The Wealthy Americans who have enjoyed their tax "breaks" for far too long, and who have failed to create the "jobs" they say are coming, if The American People will only give them even MORE discretionary spending money via tax cuts, while the majority of Americans accept an austerity program which robs them of what little they have left -- and like it.

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